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Equity Market Volatility - A Historic Look at the Fall

Heading into September, The Dow Jones Industrial Average is within striking distance of a record, and the S&P 500 and NASDAQ hit all-time highs in August.  In August, the S&P 500 index broke the record for the longest U.S. bull market in history. Read the full article

Planning for Your Retirement, The Four Percent Rule May No Longer Apply!

Questions about Medicare ?

Questions About Medicare?


Like many Americans in 2016, you may have important questions about Medicare: Will it be there for me? Will I be able to manage the costs? What should I do to prepare now?

Here are the basic facts

Investing for Retirement: What Would Warren Buffett Do?

Caught in an extraordinary convergence of unhinged stock market volatility and historically low interest rates on savings, many people are rethinking their plans and their vision for the future, especially as they consider the prospect of having to stretch their retirement income over 25 or 30 years.  A study conducted in 2015 by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found workers of all

Do You Have a Debt Wish? What Happens to Your Debt after Death

Many people deal with credit card debt all of their lives with most of them giving little or no thought to what happens with their debt after they die. The fact that nearly 60% die without a will is a strong indication that they’ve given absolutely no thought to it.

Does Your Portfolio Embrace Market Volatility?

Many investors, especially those still reeling from the 2008 – 2011 stock market roller coaster ride, have developed a low tolerance for volatility. As a result they have moved a significant portion of their investments into bonds or other fixed yield vehicles.

Should You Take Early Social Security Retirement Benefits?

Most people are aware that they can begin collecting their Social Security retirement payout at age 62, and, in doing so, they are informed that they will be collecting a reduced benefit. And most people also know that, the longer they wait to collect benefits, they will receive a higher monthly benefit.

What You Should Know Before Buying Life Insurance

Throughout its recent history, life insurance has been a paradox for many people. It’s greatly appreciated when it is needed most, at the death of a breadwinner, and it’s dreaded when it is being contemplated to fill a need.

How Exactly Does Life Insurance Work?

Few financial instruments are as complex as life insurance, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery as to how it works.  For most people, life insurance is the single most important part of their financial life as it may provide the only source of capital that will be needed to sustain a family’s financial security when one of the breadwinners dies.  It represents a substantia

Year-End Tax Planning Begins Now

With the holiday season looming, it’s not too soon to do your year-end tax planning. One of the consequences of achieving financial success is that, what was once a relatively straightforward tax return increasingly becomes more involved as more tax issues come into the picture.

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